With almost 30 years of experience as a service partner, our customers benefit from our comprehensive know-how in engineering, diagnostics, manufacturing, and installation of large turbo generators up to 1000 MVA. We are familiar with all common generator designs and our OEM independence ensures that we can meet your needs with customized solutions. We have all the necessary resources, tools, and testing facilities to respond quickly and flexibly to unexpected operating problems or inspection findings.


Inspection and testing

Benefit from our comprehensive know-how when it comes to visual inspections, bump tests, insulation testing and PI measurement, AC or DC high voltage testing, PD and dissipation factor measurement, leakage current measurement, core lamination testing with low or high induction method, rotor impedance and RSO measurement.

Outage Work

We specialize in minor, intermediate, and major overhauls including rotor removal, oil deflector, seal ring and bearing replacement, generator and exciter alignment, coupling machining, maintenance of oil, water and hydrogen auxiliary equipment, and electrical and mechanical testing.

Smart Repairs

Our engineers assist you with stator re-wedge, winding repairs on rotor and stator, replacement of end winding support blockings on stator and rotor, core lamination repairs, and flex connector and bushing replacements.

New windings and spare rotors

We manufacture and install spare rotors as well as perform rotor and stator rewinds. We offer power upgrades, life extensions, and star point exchange on stator windings.

Large gearbox

Inspections and troubleshooting

Benefit from our decades of experience in the field of large gearbox service: We inspect every make. For this purpose, we use vibration and temperature analyses during operation as well as borescope inspections of gears at standstill. Based on the inspection results, we then determine the remaining service life or the risk of failure.

Gearbox repairs

We work with you to find customized solutions. In many cases, repairing large gearboxes is the more cost-effective solution to a new gearbox. After complete disassembly, all defective parts are precisely measured in 3D, checked for serviceability by our engineering department and, after approval, remanufactured in our own production facility.

Our current
focus topics

Get inspired by our enthusiasm for exciting engineering projects and discover the focus topics together with us.


Production of large gears

The production of large gears requires high investments in CNC machines. At the same time, it is technically very demanding and involves a high risk of rejects even in the case of minor processing errors. Producing these gears is one of our core expertise. More focus topics


Pole connector repair

Today’s energy mix with solar and wind, which are highly dependent on the weather, leads to a high alternating load on turbo generators. We have developed a new repair process. More focus topics