Carefree and frictionless

Our products are characterized by a high degree of vertical integration, i.e., the complete machining and assembly is carried out in-house at KPG Rotating Solutions. Tempering, hardening and application of wear-resistant coatings are carried out in close cooperation with experienced heat treatment shops. Material procurement for case-hardened steels, tempered steels, nitriding steels, stainless steels and special alloys is carried out with test certificates according to DIN/EN 10204 and with 3.1 and 3.2 test certificates. Your benefit: Turnkey solutions for assemblies, complete gear sets and generator spare parts.


With the help of digital twins, we simulate your machines to test new components or performance improvements during operation and then implement them. Our services include testing, design, calculation and simulation of your generators and drives. Learn more


We have been known on the market for decades for the precise manufacturing of our gears, gearboxes, generator components and assemblies. We offer complete turnkey solutions with all necessary certificates and reliable delivery times. Learn more


Our worldwide service offers you short response times even in the case of unexpected findings. The generator and large gearbox service team works competently, fast and in particular independently of the OEM on a solution without you having to involve other service providers. Learn more