Our products are characterized by a high degree of vertical integration, i.e., the complete machining and assembly is carried out in-house at KPG Rotating Solutions. Tempering, hardening and application of wear-resistant coatings are carried out in close cooperation with experienced heat treatment shops. Material procurement for case-hardened steels, tempered steels, nitriding steels, stainless steels and special alloys is carried out with test certificates according to DIN/EN 10204 and with 3.1 and 3.2 test certificates. Your benefit: Turnkey solutions for assemblies, complete gear sets and generator spare parts.

Mechanical manufacturing: Our services

  • Soft machining with sawing, turning, gear hobbing and shaping, milling with 5-axis CNC machines
  • Hard finishing with turning, milling, bore grinding, shaft grinding, flat surface grinding, gear grinding
  • Assembly of detachable or interference-fit shaft-hub connections for the manufacture of complete assemblies and gear sets incl. balancing and non-destructive testing
  • Quality inspection with modern measuring equipment incl. CNC gear and coordinate measuring machines, run-out measurements, hardness and residual magnetism measurements

Gear boxes and gears

  • We manufacture ready-to-install integral gears for multistage centrifugal compressors, consisting of wheel and pinion shafts with Hirth toothing. The production range includes wheel shafts with tip circle diameters up to 2000 mm, lengths up to 1700 mm and a toothing quality of Q4 according to DIN 3961 or DIN ISO 1328.

  • Our synchronizing gears ensure perfect synchronism of your rotors in vacuum pumps and compressors. The gears are made of different materials with high precision and offer excellent efficiency, smooth running and are extremely robust and durable.

  • We produce integrated gear units for plant engineering, which, in addition to the gearing, also include the functional features typical for plant engineering such as seal and bearing seats, couplings and mounting flanges. The complex gear components with sizes up to 2000 mm meet high demands on the accuracy and quality of the gearing and sealing seats.

  • Our scope of services also includes the production of planetary gear units for industrial robots and transmission gear units for machine tools and large loading machines. In addition to high precision, high wear resistance and smooth running are particularly required. Our engineering team will advise you on the optimal compromise between surface protection and strength.

Generator components

  • We manufacture and supply rotor retaining rings made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant chrome-manganese steel with bayonet or snap ring locking for all turbo generator sizes up to 2000 mm diameter.

  • We manufacture copper windings including rotor slot wedges of all common materials for indirectly and directly cooled windings. The brazed joints are made by our certified winders.

  • With our modern 5-axis simultaneous machining equipment we manufacture blades from high-strength aluminum or steel alloys for air-cooled and hydrogen-cooled machines.

  • We manufacture high-precision shaft seals for hydrogen-cooled machines as well as oil deflectors, bearings and slip rings for all common generator types.

Our current
focus topics

Get inspired by our enthusiasm for exciting engineering projects and discover the focus topics together with us.


Production of large gears

The production of large gears requires high investments in CNC machines. At the same time, it is technically very demanding and involves a high risk of rejects even in the case of minor processing errors. Producing these gears is one of our core expertise. More focus topics


Pole connector repair

Today’s energy mix with solar and wind, which are highly dependent on the weather, leads to a high alternating load on turbo generators. We have developed a new repair process. More focus topics