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Focus topics

Rotor rewind

As the number of power plants continues to decline, the needs on the remaining plants increase, both in terms of availability and performance. An increase in generator output, an extension of service life or an increase in availability can be achieved by a rotor rewind with optimized design.

Based on the individual requirements of our customers, we create a digital twin of the rotor, validate it with all available operating data and develop the optimized design from this. Compliance with the customer’s specification and verification of operational reliability are ensured by computer simulations before the design measures are implemented in our workshop.

Grid stabilizers

The steadily increasing power generation from renewable sources affects the stability of the electrical transmission grid. For stabilization purposes, we offer to convert power plant units that are at the end of their service life into rotating grid stabilizers. Based on the existing plant condition, we determine the achievable parameters such as flywheel mass, reactive power, and efficiency, calculate the expenditure and determine the most economical variants.

After planning, we implement all decided measures into a turnkey electrical and mechanical solution up to the commissioning of the new grid stabilizer for you. This is particularly in the interest of sustainability, as it turns retired power plant units into valuable assets for stabilizing our complex electrical transmission networks.

Pole connector repair

Today’s energy mix with the highly weather-dependent energy sources of solar and wind leads to a high alternating load on the turbo generators with many starts and stops. This can lead to crack formation in the pole connectors of the rotor winding.

Repair usually requires the rotor to be removed, resulting in long downtimes and very high costs. We have developed a new repair procedure with which cracked pole connections can be replaced while the rotor is still installed and thus within a very short time. The success of this procedure can be seen in the many starts, and operating hours of the generators repaired in this way.

Special gear units for hydro power plants

Most run-of-river power plants have been in operation for more than 50 years. This is accompanied by increasing wear of the gearboxes on the one hand and a shortage of spare parts still available on the other. Replacing the old gearboxes with new standard gearboxes is rarely possible due to the given installation space.

Therefore, with the help of our mobile measuring technology and software tools, our engineers have developed methods to either repair the old gearboxes or to renew them in such a way that they fit exactly in the same position again. Of course, our field service technicians also take care of the professional removal and installation of the gearboxes.

Production of large gears

The production of large gears requires, on the one hand, high investments in large CNC machines, and on the other hand, they are technically very demanding and involve a high risk of rejects.

One of our strengths lies in the production of these gears up to a diameter of two meters and a unit weight of 7 tons, which we manufacture according to customer specifications. In addition to the machinery required for this, we have the know-how in material selection and in design-related production engineering to manufacture the components reliably, precisely, and cost-effectively. This applies in particular to the hardening distortion, which is very important for maintaining the penetration depth and is therefore tolerated within narrow limits.